Like we mentioned before, Bridge believes that people are placed in management because of their qualifications and work ethic, not gender — and not age, either. At 24, Mita Veloso became the team lead of our business development department. We sat down with her to pick her brain and understand what it takes to head up a team at a younger-than-normal age. This is what we found:

internalize the true value of your work

"At Bridge, it's not about the tools or the products — it's about helping people who use them to improve their work and their lives by empowering them with technology and great service. I also love the part about having faith in people. Technology isn't going to make people intelligent, capable and hard working - but a lot of the clients and colleagues I work with today already have those characteristics. When you give them the right technology, it's exciting to see how much they can get done just because of how awesome they were to begin with."

be motivated by serving others

"Getting things done matters to me because I want to be able to create value wherever I go. I'm accountable for my contribution and people around me count on me to deliver my responsibilities. Sometimes I think about the people who will be affected negatively if I fail — but what motivates me the most is knowing what they stand to gain if I succeed. Being ultimately curious about how much positive impact I can contribute is very powerful."
Mita Veloso

use Technology to help you

"The one gadget I can't live without is my cellphone, of course. I believe in work-life blend so I only use one phone. Several apps that I have work for both personal and professional use, like Uber or Grab, Simplenote, Pocket, Waze, Facebook, Calendar, and Mail. My phone helps me organize my life so that I can get my personal and work goals done."

Own your responsibilities 

"There are no small roles in a company — everyone can be extraordinary and one of the keys to that is extreme ownership. Even when things are tough and the pressure is high, when each person takes responsibility for their contribution and doesn't let setbacks or distractions get in the way, you can build that culture of extraordinariness. People really enjoy and thrive when they are part of something more meaningful and impactful than what they originally expected they could achieve."
Bridge is proud to have such a committed, passionate, and brilliant team member in Mita — someone who relentlessly pushes herself and constantly strives to hit the company's goals.
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