We'd like to announce that New Leaf Ventures has spun-off its operations into a new and exciting company we've named Bridge Southeast Asia. The reason for this, in one word, is focus. New Leaf Ventures will stay focused on making investments and taking care of its growing portfolio while Bridge is going full-speed into providing the region's best SAAS solutions and unparalleled and unlimited support.

"Unlimited? Really?"

That's something I got asked a lot when sharing our plans to others. The answer is YES! One of the things we hate is being sold something we don't need, won't use, or can't use, and we didn't want to build a company "pushing products".

We realized that what companies need here is a bridge (hence the name) that connects business and technology, helps transitions teams, and trains everyone to become power users to maximize the investments in tech. Bridge does all of that. We partner with the world's best SAAS solutions for Southeast Asia, and our clients enjoy as much training and support as they want or need.

This is why we've grown our client base significantly in the past 2 years with big names being among them. ( See Clients ) This is also why we're increasing investments in our Client Success team, adding more people, more training, and more creative efforts to make sure clients achieve their business objectives.

Notable Updates:

Paul Harris joins as CTO - Paul Harris, my friend, highly-respected entrepreneur, and former Senior Architect for Microsoft in the region, is bringing his wealth of experience and range of skills to Bridge. He will primarily be in charge of adding a technology layer to our Client Success methods as well as develop "gap solutions" for clients that are not covered by standard SAAS apps.

NO MORE IMPLEMENTATION & TRAINING FEES - "Why should people pay extra to use something we sold them effectively?" This was the question we asked ourselves that led us to offer both completely free. Why? Because our core purpose is CLIENT SUCCESS, meaning we exist to help clients enjoy the benefits of technology. Why should we make it hard for them or add a barrier to achieving this? Shouldn't we be making it as easy as possible to get good with the tools? Yes, we should be. That's why we're doing this.

Tech-Powered Sales - We're rolling-out pilots with 6 of the biggest sales teams in the country. We're excited by the response we've received. Technology is eating the world and intelligent salespeople are harnessing the power of data to give them a huge advantage. If you'd like to know more about Tech-Powered Sales, send us a message.

Tech forward companies SAAS Philippines

Work at Bridge - We're growing our team and looking to hire for our Business Development, Client Success, and Administration teams. If you love technology but love people more, you should contact us. We want to find people we can trust and rely on as well as genuinely enjoy working with.

SAAS Philippines Tech forward companies

Thank you for reading this post. We'll keep you updated.

Client Success Wins.

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