One of the most important things about managing a business, more than all of the latest technology or even all of the physical resources, is the recruitment. Hiring the right kind of people at exactly the right time is something that could become the most significant role in running your company.  

The process of recruitment is a vital one as it will essentially determine the future of your company. The people that you hire now will also determine the kind of people that you will be hiring in the future, as their input will also play a hand in those that will come after them.

You will know that the recruitment process that you have followed is a success when you are able to hire a candidate within a reasonable timeframe who is able to meet all of the standards that were set up by the employer. Another benchmark of success is if both the employer and employee are happy with the deals that are made and if you can clearly see that the new hire is a solid contributor from the get go.

the biggest Recruitment Pitfall

That being said, recruitment is also something that can fall victim to a number of mistakes. Mistakes that, if unchecked, could lead to a number of problems not only with the candidate, but with the company itself. A bad hire is not only a mistake for the recruiter, but a mistake for the whole institution. 

The worst advice you can get? Being told to hire someone based solely on their knowledge and experience. It’s an age old way of hiring and it's outdated, to say the least. When you do this, you end up focusing more on the competencies of the candidate. At first glance, this may not seem problematic—in fact, isn't an accomplished applicant a good find? In reality, solely focusing on awards and achievements has become insufficient because of the complex evolution of the workplace environment.

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The easiest way to hire someone is to hire them based on their past performances—it’s a quick gauge you can use to assess their value to the company. Take note, though: it isn’t exactly the best indicator of just how well they will do in the future. Instead, evaluate their character as well. Are they capable of growth? Can they adapt and thrive in complex, pressure-filled situations? Can they be taught? If a candidate is a high achiever but completely set in his ways, any well-intentioned feedback or training will fall on deaf ears. Or even worse, he may take it as a personal attack and lash out at his teammates out of resentment.

Examine at your applicant's sense of ambition: what motivates him? Does he just want recognition and praise, or does he strive to work towards a common goal that is bigger than himself? Look for someone who is humble, committed, and willing to invest his whole self into improving everything he does.

In the end, the fate of your company will come down to how you select your candidates. There will be many that will present their impressive credentials and those that will speak of all the awards that they have received. Their portfolios will be full of projects that will inspire you and their words will tickle your ears enough for you to have them go on and on. There are countless reasons for you to consider hiring a candidate, but don't let yourself be dazzled by achievements if there's no solid, down-to-earth character to back it up.

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