Sales teams face unique challenges today because of technology. For those who are empowered by tech, they are seeing exponential growth. For those who have not made the shift, they see their market share getting eaten-up little by little.

Take the example of 3 of the largest companies that ever existed:

Tech forward companies technology

Kodak, Blockbuster, and Nokia all once sat on top of their fields. The founder of Kodak, George Eastman, was once the richest man in the world. Each of these companies all became billion Dollar entities with thousands of employees.

All three are also now extinct, disrupted by newer, more innovative, more nimble technology companies that changed the business landscape.

tech forward companies technology

Instagram is now valued at $35,000,000,000 (more than Kodak) with only 13 people. Netflix, which disrupted Blockbuster, is now wroth 5x as much as the old incumbent with only 2000 people as compared to the 30,000 Blockbuster had. Nokia was once the dominant mobile phone provider but disappeared very quickly, beaten by the likes of Apple and Google's Android.

The simple point is: Technology is changing the face of business. Those who adapt will explode with greater growth and revenue. Those who don't change will literally die.

And it's not just in media, hardware, and software, even the world of finance is experiencing disruption with the rise of companies such as Circle (bitcoin), Mint (personal finance), and Zenefits (a free HR platform that sells insurance). These three companies are all young, growing, and changing the way we transact with financial products.

tech forward companies technology

This is why we developed the Tech-Powered Sales program that equips and trains sales teams how to use customer relationship management tools (CRM) effectively and, get this, for free. Once a salesperson is using Bridge's CRM PipelineDeals, we offer them unparalleled and unlimited sales support. The goal is to turn every salesman and woman into a CRM power user.

tech forward companies technology

Benefits of tech-powered sales teams include:

tech forward companies technology

tech forward companies technology

If you're interested in Tech-Powered Sales, contact us so we can schedule a free pilot.

tech forward company technology

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