“The Bridge model is deceptively simple, counter-intuitive, and, at first glance, boring.” This is how I introduced Bridge to our first partners.

“It’s simple. We take an amazing piece of software and layer it with a professional service. We’re software AND a service.”

Less than a year into Bridge, the client base continues to grow as the demand for our services increases. We’ve validated our conviction that the markets in the Philippines and Southeast Asia don’t want the latest and greatest washing machine when there are a lot of very affordable laundromats around doing the dirty work for them.

Bridge is the best laundromat that uses the latest and greatest washing machines, and uses them best, FOR YOU.

“A laundromat??? No rocket ship metaphors? No grand adjectives? No references to greatness?”


We’re a service. We exist to make work life better for our clients. We know we’re successful when we’ve become a quiet and reliable part of your operations, not when we’re featured in a press release.

In our obsession to solve the operational pains of business, departments, and leaders, we’ve lined up a series of solutions we’ve developed from listening to our customers:

Bridge People Solutions

Outsourced Payroll

This doesn’t need a lot of explaining. You send us your information, we process payroll for you, and send you back the payroll register, government reports, and add Bridge Insights on top — at incredibly low rates. Contact us at to find out just how low.

For those of you who are using our PayrollHero platform, this service is perfectly compatible, requiring no extra integration or training. People can clock-in and out using PayrollHero’s Time and Attendance system and our Bridge Payroll Experts processes everything for you on the system. Business leaders get the visibility and efficiency of technology with the skills of a power user.


People Flow

I’m super excited about this service. I don’t know a single business leader who hasn’t had problems with hiring. “Attrition is the new normal” for many companies, as the mentalities and values of younger workers have changed drastically. I have a simple piece of advice for clients who ask me my thoughts on solving this recruitment problem:

Prepare for people flow. People flow is the reality that individuals are more and more restless and need to either be moving up or moving out. So we’ve developed a service dedicated to solving these 2 problems: 1. Leadership Mobility and 2. Rank & File Attrition.

We’re starting with the Rank and File piece by combining Kalibrr’s awesome Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and our tech-trained recruiters to make sure that our clients get a steady stream of people “flowing” through their recruitment process.

I also need to mention that our service has the industry’s lowest recruitment fee at 3% of annual package, making it 6x cheaper than competing non-tech recruiters and a LOT cheaper than tech alternatives. Contact for a presentation.

More People Solutions

We’re launching more people solutions in the upcoming months under the careful stewardship of our new Head of People Solutions, Carla Mumar. Stay tuned.

Bad Ass I.T. (BAIT)

Building the Strongest I.T. Backbone for Fast-Growing Companies and Chains.

The latest addition to the Bridge Southeast is Orlando, Florida native, Will Morgan. Having worked at At&T and the Federal Deposit Insurance Company, Wil brings a wealth of experience in building reliable, powerful, and secure I.T. systems, in order to achieve this dream:

Imagine you’re opening a new store and Bridge B.A.I.T. does all your connectivity work so you’re Internet is working and you’re data-driven from day one. Imagine you’re visiting a coffee shop, and because you’re a registered B.A.I.T. Power Users, you’re able to sign on and access faster Internet speeds for you to truly work on the road. Imagine being able to deploy your employees desktops, laptops, phones, and not have to worry about versions, and device management.

Bad Ass I.T. will empower your businesses to do all of that and more. We’re already rolling out a few services for some current clients. Contact to become a B.A.I.T. early adopter.

Let’s Work Together

Someone from our team recently asked me what I would do if I had all the money in the world. My answer was, “I would build Bridge.” I love the idea of waking up every day to solve the problems of businesses and make work life better. Better for me means a business is more profitable in every way and for everyone. It’s not an easy mission but a worthwhile one. Let’s work together in turning your company into a Bridge-Powered one.

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