Post graduation is always the most confusing time for a young adult. When I graduated, I wasn’t sure whether I should find a job, study, travel, or take some time off. I think everyone experiences this at least in one point in their life. I am a Marketing Management graduate from Southville International School and Colleges where I learned that not everything is taught in a classroom.

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Graduating from college stressed me out, being pressured by friends and family on what my next step should be. So I decided to work, not in a company but in my family’s business. While doing so I was also able to travel and enjoy life at the same time, but in the end I realized it may have been one of the worst decisions I have made. As I traveled the world and worked part-time in our family business, I saw my friends and batch mates working, gaining experience and making money. At first I thought to myself that I might as well travel since there are good reasons to do so while I still can.

I weighed both the positive and negative that would come out of traveling first. One main factor that pushed me into it was the fact that I have been studying for most of my life and it would be a great time to take a breather. It also made me realize that as I get older my responsibilities will stack up higher and higher. You have to understand that after graduation is when you have the least amount of responsibility to think about and that opportunity might not arise again. As I traveled the world for both work and leisure, I was able to experience the different lives and cultures of other counties by understanding how they live through their day-to-day activities. Each culture was different and all of these helped me broaden my horizons, making it easier for me to choose what I wanted to do in my life.

Even with the positive factors that can come out of traveling, there will always be negative ones as well. I was traveling with a budget and at the end of it, I was nearly broke. This was a major problem because, well, who wants to be broke? It made me realize how important budgeting your money is and choosing what to spend your money on. Come to think of it, even if I was budgeting as a teen, my skills weren’t enough to survive. Since I took a bit of time off, it also hurt certain aspects of my life — I failed to develop important habits like keeping schedules, tracking money and certain tasks. I had to admit I lost my focus at one point and instead of working my brain it actually became lax which gave me a harder time adjusting as soon as I started work.

After all my travels I saw my friends one by one starting to work, making money, and developing as employees. It made me jealous and sad at the same time. Although I have experienced things that they have not, the knowledge and work experience that they were gaining were irreplaceable. It also worried me that the length of time I was unemployed may look bad on my resume. No company wants to hire someone who would choose to travel the world and put work on hold — it might give them the impression that you are not serious about what you want to do. Truthfully, if I could take it all back, I would have looked for a job straight out of college; the time I used to spending money could have been the time I was making money instead. At this point I could have been at a higher position instead of starting from scratch. So if I were you, I would take the time to sit down and set my priorities straight before acting on anything.

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