Have you ever experienced someone call or message you in the worst possible time just to sell you a product that you don't even need? What makes matters worse is, these people know exactly how to push your buttons and ruin your day.

One day a friend of mine called to check up on me, she also decided to ask me what I did for work. As I was explaining to her my different responsibilities as an Outbound Marketer, she cut me off by asking “so you’re like a telemarketer?”. That question also got me wondering, is my position really the same as a telemarketer’s?

 Outbound Marketing

Telemarketing has been thought out to be an irritating and impersonal way of reaching out to customers. Now because of that point-of-view, people would think that outbound marketing is the same due to the way they reach their potential customers.

When I applied for the position of outbound marketing associate at Bridge Southeast Asia, I, like many others could not differentiate between my position and that of a telemarketer, but the longer my stay was, the better I understood.


For those of you who do not know what telemarketing is, it's a type of marketing strategy that could be categorized under outbound marketing which involves connecting with customers over the phone. One of the negative perceptions of telemarketing is caused by a practice called “robo-calling”, according to It is an automated dialing machine that can contact thousands of people every day that delivers a pre-recorded message. In America nowadays many enforce bans through the “National Do Not Call Registry” which was implemented in 2004 . It gives consumers options to refuse calls and can take legal action against organizations that ignore this list.


Even with the negative perception of telemarketing,  it is widely used for business-to-business sales, event promotion, political campaigns, and lead generation  due to it being informative, interactive, and cost and time effective. Telemarketing is actually very cost efficient, having minimal costs to your account, as compared to advertising through newspapers, magazine ads, radio, and billboards. It also allows companies to address concerns, questions, and objections right off the bat which gives them immediate feedback and information that can be used. The information gathered from companies can also be used to target certain companies or people that may generate inbound leads in the future.


Truth is, telemarketing is a very powerful and useful form of marketing. There are just some companies who would use it irresponsibly and unethically to increase leads, meetings, and sales without ever having to think of the consequences of ruining its image and it’s endless opportunities to increase and better their businesses. What they don’t realize is that it affects everyone, both companies and consumers. In the long run companies will have a harder time reaching their consumers, while consumers will be weary to hear what companies can do to help without having to think negatively on what the call is about.


During my stay at Bridge Southeast Asia I have found the answer to my friend’s question and the answer is yes, my position is related to telemarketing but it is not the only responsibility I have as a Marketing Associate. We do not just focus on profit, we focus on the needs and the problems companies have, because we at Bridge take our mission seriously, and that is to make work life better. Through our mission we dedicate our time and effort to help companies with any problems they may have. So instead of us just selling our product and service over the phone, we collect information, determine pain points and problems of each company and find a solution that could make the company’s work life better. That is what good telemarketing is about. That is what Bridge is about, working and growing with you.

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