Business owners all over the world are familiar with feeling like there aren’t enough hours in a day to finish everything they need to get done. Here is a list of wonderful, well-designed apps that can give hard workers a much-deserved productivity boost.


Sunrise might be the prettiest calendar app there is, but it isn’t just loved for its beautiful design. It sets itself apart from similar apps because it works with your social media accounts—for example, if you’ve set a business meeting with someone, it can pull up that person’s photo and profile from LinkedIn. Your Foursquare check-ins can also slip right into your calendar, so you can check where you’ve been as far back as you’d like.

Sunrise also supports Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange. Even Facebook invites can be integrated into your Sunrise calendar, so all your events can be collected in one tidy app. Even inputting new events is a more seamless experience, because the app supports natural language input. You can type something as simple as ‘Meet with David tomorrow at noon,’ and it will be added to your calendar accordingly—no need to fiddle with filling up multiple fields.


Full disclaimer: the Bridge team uses Slack for our inter-office communication, and we love it. Instead of having to communicate with each other through countless emails, the team chats through this messaging app. There’s a main channel that includes all the members of the team, other channels can be set up for discussions amongst smaller teams, and two individuals can also have private messages. It also has a powerful search tool that allows you to sift through key words or files—yes, it can also be used as a file-sharing tool.



Just as the product’s name implies, Workflow allows you to streamline the routine tasks that otherwise mess up your productivity. Do you order lunch from the same take-out place every day? Create a button that will call up that restaurant with a single tap. That’s right—you can create any type of button for any kind of activity and one tap will complete it for you. Automate your everyday tasks by connecting apps and actions together. You can even get inspired by checking out workflows that other users have made, or you can upload and share your own creations if you’re feeling a little generous.


If you’ve never felt the urge to stay organized by religiously using a to-do app, you probably haven’t laid your eyes on Clear. For starters, it’s strikingly gorgeous—colorful, elegant, sleek. But beyond that, it’s also incredibly simple to use. It involves all the intuitive gestures that Apple has made second-nature: swipe down to create a new task, swipe right to complete a task, swipe left to delete an item on your list. Tap on a task and drag it around to rearrange its order, or transfer it to an entirely different list. And yes, you can sync Clear on multiple devices—even your desktop—so it’s always with you, ready to use, wherever you go.



This lovely note-taking app has been included on every must-have list since its conception, and for good reason: it’s incredibly useful. You can create digital notebooks for anything you want to organize, and your content doesn’t stop at simple text. You can include scanned physical documents that become searchable. You can stick pictures and PDFs in your notes (and even draw on them, if you’re inclined to do so) and add to-do lists that can be set as reminders. You can even use it as a presentation tool—with a click of a button, your notes are transformed into a layout perfectly suited for the screen. And of course, it syncs across multiple devices, so you can always pick up where you left off.


If you’re more inclined towards taking notes by hand, Paper by Fifty Three is just the tool for you. Never fear—you can still type down a bunch of text if you’d like, but this app allows a much more hands-on approach to note-taking. Want to highlight something in a photo? Encircle it, draw arrows that point to it, spare yourself the frustration of not being able to explain it yourself. Want to create charts or diagrams? Done. Go ahead and sketch away, making use of Paper’s impressive variety of brushes and pens. When you’re done, you can store your work in virtual notebooks.

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