The obvious benefits of developing growth of your employees are some that every company should consider from the very beginning. After all, there is a saying that a company’s strength lies in that of their weakest employee. Giving employees the opportunity to be able to learn and harness new skills and experiences have shown to greatly increase their motivation and overall satisfaction towards their jobs and have even been proven to  properly manage the stress levels that employees usually experience at work. All of this of course, can translate into the company’s overall gain by means of maintaining a certain level of quality that can greatly benefit the way the organization would operate as a whole. There are many ways in which an organization is able to develop the growth of their employees, and here are just some of them: 
Employee growth



  One way of developing the growth of your employees is to incentivize an employee for their outstanding performance. It goes without saying that when an employees is rewarded for doing a job well done, they are more inclined to do better at their job. They begin to see their worth in the company and use this as motivation to do better with the idea that the better that they do, the better the incentive that they will get. But of course, there will be times wherein a financial incentive can come in even when the performance of the employee is not something that is considered outstanding. This could be due to a lean season or even when the business is just generally down. Incentivizing the employee during this time could provide added motivation to push them to surpass their current work ethic. 


     Another opportunity for the employee to grow is by giving them the chance to learn new skills and increase their knowledge in their chosen craft. A good employee will always be inclined to increasing their knowledge base and will often jump at the chance to do so given the opportunity is presented to them. There have been many studies that have said that one of the most motivational things in the office for an employee is the idea of being able to progress. Being able to tell an employee that they have progressed even ever so slightly is enough to motivate them towards their job.  These workplace wins often serve as a benchmark for employees to look back on as they progress in their careers.


     It goes without saying that one of the ways in which you can further develop the growth of an employee, is to give them a bigger responsibility in the company. Having to move up to a bigger role with a more important title serves as a long lasting reminder of the value that the employee is giving to the company. An organization is often able to identify their talented employees because of their willingness and hunger to advance in the company. The idea of becoming an important person in the company, making bigger decisions, residing in a larger office, all the while garnering the respect of all of their colleagues is something that should serve as extra motivation for each employee to push themselves and aspire to advance. 

Supportive environment

     One of the lesser known ways of developing the growth of an employee is to appeal to their personal lives in the confines of the work space. Creating an environment in the office that some would consider to be “fun” is conducive to creating a work place that cultivates a culture. Employees thrive on the friendships that they make in the office, and these relationships often play a key role in motivating employees to do better at their job. There are often emotional factors that come in play in the development of an employees growth, and having a conducive environment at the work place is a way of managing that. 
     As you can see, there are many ways in which a company can develop the growth of an employee, each of which appeal to a different aspect of the employees time in the company. While it is true that every employee is different, having a general knowledge of what it’s like to be motivated is enough to know that there are many opportunities for this to happen, and that in itself, is the key to the overall growth of the company. 
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