At some point in our lives, a salesperson has approached us to sell something. Often times, we don’t buy from these people because of different reasons. Some are too persistent, nosy, and sometimes inconsiderate. We feel that they’re shoving their products down our throats without even caring if it’s something that we would like.

We may or may not realize it, but the secret to sales is quite simple: people buy from people they like. This is an important attribute that a lot salespeople fail to understand. When you meet people, they judge you along with your product. Here are three ways that can help you increase your likeability without being too “sales-y”:

3 Attributes That Make Salespeople Likable


From time to time, I encounter salespeople who can blow anyone away with their communication skills. Despite this, some find it difficult to actually close deals. One reason is these people fail to listen to the potential client. Often times, salespeople focus on the sale more than how they can help a person—they get so caught up in perfectly delivering their spiels that they forget to pay attention to what a potential customer is really looking for.

By choosing to listen, the salesperson is opening an avenue to establish a relationship with a potential client. More importantly, this is where you find out their need. This is your chance to get information needed that may help you sell. By asking the right questions, people give you answers that you may use to your advantage.



Jumping off from the previous point, understanding is a skill that comes hand-in-hand with listening. Once you get a grasp of the issues hounding a potential client, you must understand how you can support him. One good way of achieving this is imagining yourself in the shoes of your client. This helps you see through their eyes and craft your pitch depending on their needs.

But take note: be sincere. You aren't trying to manipulate your potential customer by looking for their struggles and using them as an opening. You want to understand people's problems so that you can provide a solution that best fits their needs. You need to be able to combine empathy (knowing how they feel) with wisdom (deciding on the best way to solve their pain points).


As the saying goes, the truth will set you free. More importantly, the truth will gain you trust. While this may be both a good and bad thing, transparency is something clients will appreciate. People like transacting with genuine people, not with those whom they’ve determined would deceive them. When clients recognize a salesperson holding back, they create a wall and won’t believe whatever you say. Salespersons are easily trusted when they are genuine. The more that they are honest, the more they can gain the trust of businesses especially in the long-term.

It may seem counterintuitive, but one way to reinforce your transparency is to be honest when your solution may not be the best approach to solve a customer's problems. By suggesting another product or fix to the person in question, you are demonstrating how you value their success and well-being more than their cash. If you earn their trust this way, they'll feel more comfortable coming back to you if other issues arise, and you will become their go-to problem solver. This relationship is a lot more lasting and meaningful than a one-time sale.

There are a lot of other attributes that make salespeople likeable. Listening, understanding, and transparency are must-have characteristics for any salesperson. Just bear in mind that you shouldn't be thinking of these traits as tactics to help you close a sale, but as guides that will help you build your character as someone who has his clients' best interests at heart.

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