The idea of getting new devices or software for your business has entered your mind, but you’ve been putting it off for the longest time. You figured that you can still live with your current system, nevermind that it is a bit slow and you know there are better things out there. You try to rationalize by thinking of how much time and money you’ll save by not fixing what isn’t broken.

But are you just paving the way for a bigger business disaster?

In today’s world of rapid-fire innovations, inaction is riskier business. Below are ten sure signs that your business needs a tech upgrade一if you can relate to more than five items, then you better act fast.

1. Your business is starting to grow

When you begin to increase in departments, employees, branches, and services, you may want to consider upgrading to tech-powered tools in order to maintain quality and control as you expand. There are a number of tech tools used to monitor and oversee work progress in multiple branches. Some forms of software allow you to communicate with a vast number of colleagues in a single conference call. There are even mobile apps available that enable you to organize your inventory as your products increase in number.

2. Outdated technology is holding you back

When your office computers are too old, it can be a hindrance to your business. This is especially true when they are incompatible with new and advanced software. If your present technology is not modern enough to satisfy contemporary technological needs, you need to consider retiring the old to make room for the new. Otherwise, you wouldn’t enjoy the full power of what your current technology has to offer. You will only waste money and time.

3. When your competition has a technological edge

Sometimes, no matter how much better your services, employees, or products are, your competitors will still end up on top, simply because they are at a technological advantage. Better digital marketing tools, productivity tools, and customer relationship management systems can give your competitors some extra time and manpower to improve their services. If they can serve food five minutes faster than you because their customers can pre-order via a mobile app, then you really should feel threatened. If you do not want to be left behind, upgrade your tools to keep in-par with companies similar to yours.

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4. When your associates are at a higher level in terms of technology

It gets embarrassing to have to explain to clients and business partners that your office technology is not advanced enough to keep up with theirs. When you feel as though your office technology limits you from meeting the expectations of your business associates, it is time for an upgrade.

5. When work extends beyond the main office

When you or your employees have to start attending meetings or conduct fieldwork outside, you may need to upgrade to technology that will enable you to bring your work with you, while still keeping in-touch with the main office. There is also a number of software available that will allow you to monitor your employees while they are not physically present at the office.

6. Too much data and processes to manage

As you progress with your business, things begin to get more complicated than initially expected. You realize that there is a lot more data and processes involved that are hard to manage with inferior forms of software. With the current technological tools, you will find that keeping track of work progress, sorting and retrieving information, and integrating these into a system, will be made simply and easy.

7. Employee productivity has dropped

When you notice that employees’ productivity has been declining, it is time to inspect what the cause or causes might be. Technological difficulties are often among the most common of culprits. Studies in Sociology show that when office technology causes too many problems and interruptions, employees experience more distress, thus less productivity.

10 Signs That It's Time for a Tech Upgrade

8. Manual operations take too much time

Nowadays, there are many technological tools that can perform manual tasks at much faster rates. This can save a lot of time, especially when it comes to operations that are menial, giving your workers time to do more productive work instead. For example, if you opt for a digital payroll system, your HR team can focus more on team building and training.

9. “Human error” is becoming a repeating excuse

Adopting new technology is recommended for businesses who suffer quite a number of losses because of simple miscalculations, absent-mindedness, misinterpretations, and other forms of human error. This is especially prevalent in companies whose employees have a lot of work on their hands, increasing the tendency for carelessness. Upgrading to technology that can perform automated tasks more efficiently would reduce the occurrences of human error. Switching to digital tools will also allow your employees to focus their attention more specialized tasks.

10. Current technology is starting to fail

The last but most obvious sign that it is time to get a technological upgrade for your business, is that the current technology being used in your office is starting to deteriorate. When your computers have grown slow, start to hang, or even crash, you know that you need to invest on new tools. Most tech equipment usually last about three years on average. At that point, you should begin to assess if your technology is still in good condition or not.

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